Celine Erlam

A pause in Nîmes

Celine Erlam
A pause in Nîmes

Every year during the summer we take some time out from our fast paced life in London and escape to a quiet, cut-off area with a good group of friends. It's so important for us to take a pause and slow down to rejuvenate. 

This year our destination of choice was Nîmes in the South of France - not far from the famous wine region of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. 

Nimes country house
Celine working outside
French country house behind leaves
Stone fruit salad
France country house at dusk

We rented a traditional French country house with uncomplicated and tastefully decorated rooms, surrounded by a lavender filled garden and pool. The house also had perfect indoor and outdoor dining areas - fantastic for all of our relaxed, slow lunches and dinners with copious amounts of local wine and cheese.   

The traditional stone village had not a shop or restaurant in sight - total bliss. We got our baguettes from a lady in a van who turned up at the village square at around 9am every day. 

The photos below give you a glimpse into our holiday. The kids were asleep and our friends were playing a game of boule in the park opposite the house. It gave me a chance to stroll around the gardens and have a quick catch up on the interior projects that the team were taking care of back home.

As the evening drew in, Laurie began preparing a delicious stone fruit salad with caramelised pecans. 

- Celine